Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday NICU Goodie Bags

Happy Holidays everyone!

Last Christmas, my mom and I created "goodie bags" for all the babies in the NICU where Lea stayed. This year, one of my preemie momma friends (who actually received one of my bags last year when her son was in the NICU) suggested her and I make more this Christmas for the babies currently in the NICU.

I wanted to share what we used to assemble our bags, in case anyone else was interested in doing the same this holiday season. So here it goes...

1. Hand sanitizer is a preemie parent's best friend. You can never EVER have enough of this stuff!

2. Hand lotion. All that hand washing and sanitizing can be harsh on your hands, so its important for parents to keep their hands moisturized.

3. Tissues... Because some days will be more overwhelming than others.

4. Chocolate. No explanation necessary.

 5. A swaddling blanket. Blankets are some of the best gifts you can get while in the NICU. They have quite a few uses. They can be rolled up and tucked under a preemie for support, or they can be draped over an isolette to block out noise, light or to just decorate the baby's space. Preemie parents don't get to start dressing their babies right away, so having a trendy blanket is a must!

6. Hand Washing Hang Tag. Reminding family and friends to wash their hands before touching a preemie baby can become a daunting task once he or she goes home. We included these hand-made hang tags that can be hung on a baby's stroller or car seat handle, that reminds visitors to wash their hands before touching the baby. If you'd like to make your own Hand Washing Hang Tags, please scroll down to find a free printable sheet, as well as directions on how to assemble them.

Click here for your free printable Preemie Hang Tag.

Assembly Instructions:
  1. Print your hang tags. It is best to print them on card stock, but regular copy paper will work just fine.
  2. Carefully cut out each octagon shape.
  3. Have your newly-cut shapes laminated. I brought mine to Office Depot. The cost was minimal.
  4. Using a hole puncher, punch a hole at the top of your laminated tag.
  5. Find a fun roll of ribbon, and cut strips measuring approximately 5 - 6 inches in length.
  6. Run the strips of ribbon through the hole at the top of the tags.
  7. Attach Velcro dots to each end of the ribbon, so that the hang tag can be easily removed and reattached. I found something similar to these at Michael's craft store:

And there you have it! Preemie Hand Washing Hang Tags!

For all my preemie parents out there in the NICU this holiday season, please know that there are two preemie momma's thinking of you and praying for you and your family! Godspeed to all my sweet little preemies! xoxo.