Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Preemie Timeline Giveaway!!!

Since I am a graphic designer, I wanted to show my appreciation to the NICU team in a creative way upon our discharge. One of the gifts I left for the staff was a personalized timeline that I designed documenting Lea's stay. Here is an image below... it is 22 in. x 4 in. in size.

Needless to say, the nurses loved it, and it now hangs on the wall in the NICU. How gratifying for them to see Lea's progress from beginning to end, since they were all so dedicated to my little munchkin.

Now, I'd like to make one for you!


To enter Thumba-Lea's very first giveaway, do the following steps:

1. Become a follower of www.thumba-lea.blogspot.com and/or click here to like us on Facebook!

2. Comment underneath this blog entry with your baby's name, birth weight and current status. Also, if you have a blog, post that as well!

How it works:

The winner will be chosen at random, and will be notified on Monday, March 28, 2011. The timeline will be mailed to the address you provide after notification.

I will use the color scheme/pattern/pictures/text of your choosing, so we'll work together via e-mail to create the perfect timeline depicting your little one's progress. I will send you an online proof for your approval before mailing it.

If your little one is still in the NICU, we'll wait to create the timeline once you have all the pictures you want to include, no matter how long it takes.

If your preemie is already home, that's fine too! We'll just change up the text/design and make it something special that can be framed in your baby's nursery!

In the end, it will be your design! I will personalize it in any way you choose.

Good luck to all who enter!

****** UPDATE******

Congratulations to Ceara Spear, mommy to two precious baby boys, Nolan and Logan. Ceara was chosen at random to win a custom preemie timeline. Check out her blog at http://micropreemiemomma.blogspot.com/!

Thank you to everyone who entered! God bless!!


  1. My son Samuel was born 26w3d on 1/28/2011 after I lost his twin 7 weeks ealier. He weighed 2lbs 4oz and was 13.5". He is currently up to 4lbs 2 oz, 17" and as of this morning, off his CPAP. He's doing well now after overcoming some large hurdles.

    My blog is preemieum.blogspot.com

  2. Jessica, do I have to join the followers through Google here on the side, or can I just follow myself, on my own? Your design for the NICU nurses was so beautiful--you're super talented! If I can enter through this comment, I'd love to. Here is my kids' information:

    Jonathan Dennis ("JD") Snipes, 3 lbs 7 oz birth
    Christine Marian Snipes, 3 lbs 2 oz birth

    Born on 4/7/09, in NICU at Anne Arundel Medical Center for 3 weeks (JD) and 4 weeks (Christine). JD came home on 5/1/09, and Christine came home on 5/6/09.

  3. Erica, you can follow on your own! Thanks for your entry! Good luck!!

  4. I LOVE your design as a thank-you for the NICU! I'd like to enter your giveaway.

    My LO is Jacob, birth weight 1 pound, 14 ounces. He's 15 months old now and doing well! We deal with continued reflux, motor delays, speech delays, and lung issues, but he's come so far!

    Cara Hermans

  5. My son Kinsler Ryan Matheson was born at 26 weeks and weighed 1lb 6oz. He was 14" long. He is now at 32 weeks gestational or 6 weeks old. He now weighs 2 lbs 14.5oz. Were working on getting him off of the vent as I type. He hasn't had any major setback as of yet. He is eating 29cc of milk every 3 hrs.

  6. My son Ethan was born at 32 weeks weighing only 2 lbs 8.1 oz due to IUGR. We were extremely blessed with the fact that he was able to breathe on his own and nipple his feedings. We spent one month in the NICU and brought him home weighing only 3 lbs. 12 oz. He is now 6 months old and a whopping 15 pounds! Our little feisty guy (a name first given to him by his NICU nurses)! continues to amaze us with his progress

  7. I love your NICU Timeline design! Such an awesome idea! My micro-preemie twin's were born at 25 weeks and 5 days. They were mono-mono twins and when the doc opened me up for my c-section, the boys were hugging. Because of this they were born at exactly the same time. Nov, 20, 2010 at 232pm! Nolan was 1LB 6oz and Logan was 1LB 14oz. My due date was 2-28. After 102 days in the NICU, Nolan was discharged on 3-1. I didn't sleep for two days because I was excited and scared and sad to leave Logan behind. After coming home, Nolan was readmitted for hernia repair surgery (umbilical and groin). He spent two days in the PICU because of some post-op complications and returned home again last Saturday. Logan has had the roughest ride of the two of them. He was in isolation with Rhino Virus for an entire month, as soon as he was brought out of iso, he developed a UTI with yucky discharge. When the UTI cleared, he came down with a NEC SCARE and last but not least after an entire month of being misdiagnosed (or just not having the right tests done) was finally diagnosed with PYLORIC STENOSIS. He had surgery the same day as his brother and still remains in the NICU. We are crossing everything we have that he will be home THIS FRIDAY!!!! I would love a NICU Timeline to be able to give to the NICU Staff that cared so wonderfully and lovingly for our boys!

  8. Jessica,

    This is such a sweet giveaway! You are SO talented and the photography in the slide show on your FB page is incredible. I'm slowly learning the ins and outs of shooting manual and I'm hoping to start volunteering NICU pictures to families who want them in the next couple of years.

    My sweet Adeline was born at 26 weeks, weighing 1 pound, 8 ounces and measuring 13" long. She had NEC, a PDA ligation, and laser treatment for ROP. Today, she is a rambunctious almost-3-year old with some vision loss and a few motor delays.

    Our blog is set to private and I'll send you an invite. :)


  9. Hi Jessica. My name is Claudia, and on 10/9/10 i had my son Nathan M. Robledo at 23 weeks and 4 days. He was 1 lb 9oz, 12 inches long. It was a long rollercoster ride, but after 4 months and two days, my little guy came home: 2/11/11. At his last weekly doctors appointment, he was in at a whopping 10 lbs!! While at our stay in the hospital, every tuesday which was his weekly birthday i would bring in a homemade cake/pastry for the nurses and take his picture. (although ill admit i always took pics every other day, it was always a celebration i made sure to take the pic of his full size). Every week was always a huge celebration, one week closer, and singing him happy birthday or even toasting with apple cider. (great memory now). So i have from the day he was born 23 weeker to 41 when he was discharged. I would love to show off his wk by wk growth!!
    i have a private facebook page that i created and posted a comment every single day in the hospital, of his weight, feeding, and update for the day. I posted every single picture i ever took. I'd love for you to see it.

  10. First - LOVE the blog name! My baby girl came at 23weeks 5 days weighing 1 pound 3.7 ounces. We named her Eliahna, which means "God has answered". She spent 117 days in the NICU. She had PDA ligation and laser eye surgery before coming home. She came home on oxygen but now only needs it overnight. Since graduating from the NICU she was hospitalized and had nissan fundiplication surgery and a g-tube put in. We don't have a blog per se, but we post on CaringBridge for friends and family. We also have a website we share with friends and family to show recent pics of our miracle. I have copied both links below.
    Andrea Silva
    CaringBridge: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/andreasilva
    picture website: http://silvafamily.wordpress.com/photos/

  11. Jessica,
    What a thoughtful gift for your NICU team! I hope you are enjoying your new job as a mommy and that Lea is doing well. I would be excited to be able to give one of these to our team.
    Katelyn was born February 19, 2011 at 30w2d weighing 1lb 6oz. She is currently 1lb 14oz and doing well.Still on the ventilator but no major complications so far.
    <3 Shawnte


  12. What a great site! My daughter Emma was born at 26 weeks weighing 1 pound 14 ounces. She was in the NICU for 76 days. She's now almost five months old and is our little miracle.

  13. Great idea!!! I am a mom of a NICU grad, he is doing fabulously! He may not be what you are looking for, but his stay at the NICU was 30 long days, and the nurses and NNPs did an amazing job! Kayden James was born at Flagstaff Medical Center, and weighed 3 lbs 1 oz, 15 inches long. He just turned three on march 1st, and is 38 pounds and full of it! I look forward to following your blog- I so wish there had been this much support when we were in the NICU :)

  14. Hello Jessica, My name is Alison, and I am mom to James. He was delivered at 22 weeks and 6 days, weighing 15oz. James spent 5 months and 1 week in the hospital and had several surgeries. He came home on January 9, 2011. He is doing super now. He's off oxygen, breathing and eating on his own. He currently weighs 10lbs. 1oz!

    I love your preemie timeline, it is just beautiful, and I would love to have one for James!

  15. My son was born at 25 weeks weighing 1 pound 11 ounces. He spent 150 days in the NICU overcoming breathing, heart and brain problems. He is now 15 months old, and a happy, healthy, progressing little boy. He is a miracle just like all micro preemies, and I am so glad that he is MY little miracle!

  16. laura digiambattitsaMarch 18, 2011 at 7:34 AM

    My daughter was born at 27w and weighed 1lb 12 oz.
    She spend 10 weeks in the NICU. She is now 13 months old and doing great. Id love to send one of these to the nurses at the NICU. If I dont win can I buy one or two?

  17. My identical twins sons were born at 28 weeks and are currently 7 weeks old and still at the NICU. My sons have been an inspiration to me with all the major hurdles they have overcome and have avoided. I am so excited that the time for them to come home is coming soon. The staff at the hospital have been amazing and I can actually say I love them all. They have given me the greatest gift...my sons lives.

  18. My daughter Nicolette was born 1lb. 7oz. on February 5th. She's been in the NICU for 6 weeks and is doing very well!

    Please visit our Blog:

  19. I need that time line. I am sure my teacher is going to love that. She is going to be so happy to have that cool thing. I wish I can have it.

  20. Hi Jessica, This post was a while ago so I'm not sure if you will see this but I love the timeline idea. My little guy was born at 23 weeks.. almost 24 weeks and was in the nicu for 152 days. I would love to give the nicu nurses and drs something similar. I know the giveaway is over but I would pay you if you were willing to put something together for me. I have tons of pictures!! Thanks, Heidi heidi_turner76@hotmail.com