Friday, June 8, 2012

Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse: Day 9

Today is my final cleanse day! I jumped out of bed this morning and ran straight to the scale. I've lost a total of 8 pounds, and I still have today to go! I am so excited!!!

Emily re-took my measurements, and I have definitely gotten smaller. I've lost 1.5 inches in my waist, 1 inch in my abs, .75 inches in my calves and about .25 inches everywhere else. Plus, I've gone from 23.3% body fat to 20%! And just to remind you, this is all without an ounce of exercise (aside from chasing a 1 1/2 year old around.)

So as a reward to myself for losing the poundage, I will be spending the majority of Saturday in our new blow up pool for the backyard. In a bikini thank you very much.

This cleanse has not only helped me lose weight, but its changed my outlook on food and my health. It has given me the desire to eat cleaner, and to be aware of ingredients -- especially artificial sweeteners. It has given me the knowledge to know that food choices shouldn't be made based on cravings or for the pure enjoyment of consuming, but for how the food will nourish your body. That's not to say you shouldn't enjoy your food, of course. In fact, I think this cleanse is only going to make me savor my food even more than I did. The difference between then and now is going to be the foods I choose to fuel my body with. While my addictions were once diet coke and sweets, I'm now hooked on getting to my goal weight, and maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit.

I can also say that I've seen my energy level sky-rocket. This whole time, I've been bogged down by artificial sweeteners, sugars and fats. Not anymore! I even see a difference in my mood. I feel happier, less stressed and much more alert. Who knew a 9-day cleanse was going to do so much for me? I sure didn't...

If I had one major complaint about the Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse, its that they are very skimpy on the cleanse powder. I did not have enough of it to do my final cleanse drink on day two, which really annoys me considering how much money I spent on all of this. However, I can't hate too hard, I did lose exactly what I hoped to and more. In the future, I'm only going to get the individual bottled shots of cleanse juice to avoid this problem.

I am more than happy to continue with the Isagenix meal-replacement shakes. They truly nourish my body and leave me feeling satisfied. Plus its easy, and I make less trips to the grocery. Win-win.

To anyone who is considering doing the 9-day cleanse, I encourage you to go for it. It sounds much worse than it is. Here I am, nearing on the end of day two, and I'm smiling, not starving and feeling very accomplished. If I can do it, anyone can... that I assure you! And if you're a cynic like I was, see the proof below:

My final weight loss after my last day came to 10 pounds! Better than I expected!!!


  1. You look fantastic!!! Rock that bikini tomorrow girl!

  2. What a great blog and posts about your Isagenix journey! I and found your blog and posted a link on my Facebook page and keep seeing your blog popping up in Google search results for Isagenix and Isagenix 9 day cleanse! Great job!!! Since you are ranking so well for Isagenix, you may want to consider becoming a distributor and turn that traffic into cash! Good Luck!

  3. Are you able to take other vitamin supplements while on the cleanse? Such as fish oii, CLA or even a simple multivitamin?

  4. PS you look fantastic! Great job:)

  5. Yes, you can take vitamin supplements while on the cleanse! I checked with my Isagenix expert :) She said go for it!

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    thanks for sharing i have been a follower of your blog for months already and you helped me a lot.

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