Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby Got Back... and Other Jiggly Parts

Nearly 17 months of motherhood has already passed. Time is flying! I can honestly say this is the happiest I have even been, and that Lea has completely enhanced my universe. In fact, I'm so obliviously happy in my little motherhood bubble, that I seem to have forgone all control whatsoever when it comes to food. If I want ice cream, we go get ice cream. Pancakes for breakfast? BRING IT. Lain and I are always out to eat, and more times than not we order dessert (In these cases Lain has two bites, and I eat the rest.) After 17 months, I no longer have an excuse why I can feel my butt jiggle when I am moving at any speed faster than a slow walk, or why for the first time I have a legitimate tummy roll when I am in a sitting position. I can no longer blame it on the repercussions of having a baby, because honestly, my little muffin isn't a baby anymore :(

If there's one thing that could make life even better than it is now, it would be having my toned, tight pre-Lea body back. Man, I took that body for granted. In an effort to jump-start my interest in getting fit, I decided to do the Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse. My friend Emily is a fitness model and personal trainer, and has been using the product for a while with tremendous results.

Typically when I want to lose weight, I just pump up the cardio. However, with a broken foot, that's not an option, and drastically changing my diet is all I can do right now. Luckily, my mom has decided to do the program with me. Like she says, you can do anything for nine days. Hopefully, this will be true for me, because the thought of missing of meal damn near kills me.

Me & my Momma: Soon to be two skinny bitches.

I plan to document this nine day regimen to help other moms that may be in the same boat as me. However, do NOT expect any before and after bikini shots. I've already threatened Emily with her life if she EVER posts any of my photos to facebook haha. I will post a fully-clothed before and after pictures though just so you can see the results once I'm done.

Also, let me just say I have no affiliation with the Isagenix program whatsoever, so this will be a brutally honest review of the 9-Day Cleanse. I'm fully prepared for it to suck, but I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. Also, I know once I see results, my motivation to be healthy will kick in. I would advise, however, to steer clear of me during these nine days because I am known to be an extremely cranky, hateful bitch when I am hungry.

I am starting the diet plan the Tuesday after Memorial Day (May 29) , so if anyone wants to do it with me, contact Emily on her Facebook page sooner than later to get your supplies in.

Also, since I'm not starting till the 29th, if anyone wants to go out to eat this week AND get dessert, Holllllla!!!! :) I have one week left of enjoying the good things in life ;)


  1. Are you kidding me? I see no jiggly parts anywhere on you! I totally understand wanting to get into pre-baby body again, my problem is I got pregnant again, lol. Good luck, I know you'll kick ass! :)

  2. Haha, you only see the photos I put up of myself on facebook, which I assure you are carefully selected. Getting pregnant was my other alternative, but Lain is not ready yet. I am though! I am soooo excited you are gonna have another bambino! I think this one's a boy.. just saying!

  3. I like Nancie's jiggly parts....