Saturday, June 2, 2012

Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse: Day 2

Today was a rinse, lather, repeat kind of day (minus the IsaDelights, because I only had two samples and had them both yesterday.) Four cleanse drinks throughout the day, six Isagenix Snacks and two Natural Accelerator pills. Am I hungry? Yes. Am I fantasizing about eating an Izzo's Illegal Burrito? Hell yes. But my quest to get my pre-baby body back is more important. With four of the eleven days down, and a real 600 calorie lunch tomorrow that cannot come soon enough, I'm feeling positive and motivated.

Just a heads up, don't mix your Cleanse for Life with really cold water. The powder has a hard time dissolving, then you end up with "clumpies." Yuck. Room temperature water works best, and you can add ice if you want it colder.

Lain and I brought Lea for a snoball this evening. I was good! As they divulged into their pina colada and wedding cake snoballs, I had an "ice" ball (no syrup). Better than nothing I guess.

Overall, by the end of the day I came to the conclusion that this whole not eating for two days thing is way easier than I thought it would be. It takes a little will power, but if you are committed, you can do it.

Four days down! Seven to go...

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