Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse: Days 5, 6 and 7

This cleanse is so easy that I've completely forgotten to blog about it. The whole reason I chose to put my experience in writing was to keep myself on track and put it all out in the universe so I had no choice but to follow all the rules. Come to find out, this cleanse isn't hard to follow at all! This is my fourth shake day in a row, and this diet is a piece of cake. Ehh... okay, let's leave cake out of this.

I have come to love my shakes in the morning. They keep me full, they taste good (I'm still adding cocoa powder to my vanilla shake) and best of all I know I am getting the nutrients I need. My Mom (who loves the chocolate shakes) and I have decided to continue with the shakes for a while, then do another cleanse in the near future. I placed an order last night for a vanilla and chocolate canister of shake mix, and the 2 oz. bottles of Cleanse for Life so that I'll have them ready for a future cleanse.

These shake days have been pretty routine. A shake for breakfast, with an accelerator pill. Then, for a snack, I like to have 5 - 10 almonds. I've become less fond of the Isagenix Snacks, and reserve those for only cleanse days now. My lunches have consisted of homemade veggie lasagna and sliced chicken breast sandwich wraps. I must say it has been quite easy to find healthy, low-cal lunch options. I have my afternoon snack and of course a shake for dinner and lots and lots of water throughout the day. I can't lie... I have popped a couple goldfish while feeding Lea a snack, and we split a banana yesterday afternoon. Yes, I've had a diet coke here or there too. But I have been good for the most part. I never feel too hungry. I have a lot of energy. I really can't believe how much I love this product!

6 pounds down with 2 1/2 days to go!

On Tuesday (Cleanse day 6), I hopped on the scale and if it weren't for my broken foot, I'd have done a cartwheel right through my office. I had already lost six pounds! And that is without any exercise! I know what you might be thinking... that I'll gain it right back after the cleanse, right? Well, apparently this is not the case, because unlike other cleanses on the market, the Isagenix Cleanse is a nutritional cleanse. I will have to stick to my newly formed healthy habits however, but this 9-day cleanse is giving me the motivation to do just that.

The first question people have been asking is how much does this product cost. The 9-day system costs $132, and there is a first-time fee of $29 included for the Annual Associate Support System. With shipping included, my total came to $187. Did it kill me to pay that much for a 9-day cleanse that I wasn't even sure I could do? YES. Am I glad I did it? YES! I think it was worth every penny, because it has started me on the right foot to begin making healthier choices when it comes to eating and getting to my goal weight. I can't put a price on that. And, I didn't even much as blink when re-ordering my shakes and cleanse drinks, because I now know how beneficial these products are to my weight loss and overall health.

Tonight I am going to start my cleanse so that I can have a shake at the end of day two, which if you've done two cleanse days in a row, you know that is a sweet deal :)

If you are interested in learning more about the Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse, click here.


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